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After months cooped up in quarantine, you’re probably getting the itch to travel. Airlines, travel agencies, and tourist hot spots are sweetening deals to entice you to book with them. Unfortunately, finding these deals can be a full-time job. So let’s be honest, this vacation is to get away from the J-O-B. That’s where Price.com’s browser extension comes in. It finds the best coupons and notifies you of available cash back while you’re booking your travel. On what websites? All of them. That’s right, Price.com uses machine learning and patented matching technology to scour the interwebs to save you money. Who doesn’t like that? The Price.com extension provides comparison shopping insights while shopping directly on your favorite merchants. In addition, you can earn cash back at thousands of participating retailers!

Here’s how it works:

Travel Savings with the Price.com Extension

First, you’ll want to add the Price.com extension to your computer for free. Then, check out all the supported travel sites, like booking.com, hotels.com, hotwire.com, and more! The Price.com extension lets you know when cash back is available and helps you activate it. This money-saving tool has another trick up its sleeve; as you shop on your favorite retailers, like Amazon, Target, and Walmart, it price checks every item as you shop!

Amazon Savings with Extension

Simply clicking Price.com’s “Best price as low as…” link allows you to see all buying options – even used/refurbished. Of course, there aren’t refurnished swimsuits, but you get the idea. It’s convenient for electronics and better for the environment. Basically, it helps you make that informed decision on where to buy!

Comparison Shopping with Extension

And don’t forget – Price.com also offers cash back at thousands of participating retailers. So just go to your favorite store, and Price.com will let you know if there is cash back available!

Travel Savings with the Price.com Extension

Join 100k+ consumers maximizing their savings with comparison shopping, coupons, cash back, and more! Add the Price.com extension to your browser today!

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