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If you are an expert at comparison shopping, you’re familiar with having multiple tabs open at one time. You’re also familiar with that dreaded experience of finding out somewhere else sold your item for less, AFTER you already paid. Never experience that pain again with Price.com’s extension. The Price.com extension provides comparison shopping insights while shopping directly on your favorite merchants. In addition, you can earn cash back at thousands of participating retailers!

Here’s how it works:

Price.com extension on wayfair

First, you’ll want to add the Price.com extension to your computer for free. Then, visit any product page across the web and wait to see Price.com drop down:

Find the best price no matter what website it's on

Simply clicking Price.com’s “Best price as low as…” link allows you to see all buying options – even used/refurbished – and helps you make that informed decision on where to buy!

Compare all your options on Price.com

And don’t forget – Price.com also offers cash back at thousands of participating retailers. Just go to your favorite store and wait for Price.com to let you know if there is cash back available!

The Price.com Extension at work on Wayfair

Join the tens of thousands of other consumers already maximizing their dollars and never overpay again! Add the Price.com extension to your browser today!

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Cash back on eligible items only. Terms and exclusions apply. Cash redemption requires valid Price.com account in good standing.
Prices are illustrative only; discount amounts, cash back, and coupon availability varies.